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Mirinja Parjatan

MirinjaThis is a fantastic tourist spot in Lama. It is situated at 16 Kilometer of Lama to Ali Kadam road. It is about 1500 fit high from sea level and an attracting spot for the tourists. You can watch Matamuhuri River and Lama Upazila from this spot. It is clean weather you can also watch the Bay of Bangle and Moheskhali Island. There is an Observation tower in this spot. There is a children park in Mirinja. You can walk up to Mirinja or can reach there by private vehicle.

Food and Accommodation :- This is a flourshing tourist spot. Food and accommodation facilities are not yet good enough. There is a government owned rest house but to stay there prior authorization is required from relevant authority. In that case you can stay in Chakaria upzila Coxsbazar.

Communication :- Lama Upzila is near about 70 Kilometer away from Bandarban Sadar. You can hire a private vehicle from Bandarban city or you can take Coxsbazar bound bus upto Chakaria upzila of Coxsbazar and than you can hire jeep to go to Lama upzila sadar.