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Meghla Parjatan

Meghla_BridgeMeghla Porjatan Complex is the most visited spot by the tourists coming from all over the country tourist have the easiest access to it comparing other sites of Bandarban. It is in the contiguous area of the Bandarban hill district council on the gateway of Bandarban. At the bottom of the hills artificial lake has been made. It is just 4 Kilometer away from Bandarban town. Here is a great arrangement for the tourists for their amusement like Children Park,

Boat Journey, Mini Zooand Hanging Bridge etc. Management authority of this tourist spot is office of the district commissioner of Bandarban. Communication to Meghla is smooth. That's why a lot of tourist makes the way to Meghla for celebrating their vacations.

Food and Accommodation: - Inside Meghla there is no arrangement for lunch. You can have snacks only. You can take lunch packet, if you want to pass whole day there. Outside the Meghla there are two restaurants with Chinese and Continental food at Holiday Inn resort and Porjatan Motel. Accommodation facilities are also available in the resort and the Porjatan Motel.

Communication: - It is just 4 Kilometer away from Bandarban town. You can hire privet Jeep and auto rickshaw for going to Meghla. Local bus is also available.