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Shoylo Prapat

Shoila_PropatIt is 8km away from Bandarban town on the Bandarban Ruma road. This is one of the most famous and visited natural fall of Bangladesh. You can hear the purl of this fall throughout the year. The flow of this fall becomes vigorous during the rainy season. The water of this fall is so transparent and cool. It is a good source for drinking water and household use for the local bawm community. For availability of water here has grown 2/3 bawm village. It has become the main center for their economic activities.

There is a small market for selling bawm  handicrafts, handloom  products  and  local  food  in shoylo prapat. You can see closely the struggling life of bawm community here in shoylo propat. 

Food & Accommodations :- There is no arrangement for Food & Accommodations in shoylo propat. You have to carry drinking water and food with your own management. There are some tea stalls run by bawm people in shoylo propat.

Communication :- Chander gari (public jeep) is available from Bandarban town to shoylo propat or you can hire auto rickshaw/private jeep to get there.