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ChimbukChimbuk is the third highest mountain of Bangladesh. This is one of the most recognized familiar tourist spot just 26km away from Bandarban sadar. It's about 2500ft high above sea level. You will definitely be charmed having glimpses of the zigzag way heading to chimbuk, nilgiri respectively. While your jeep is moving through the various indigenous villages, their simplicity in human gestures will compel you to think about our predecessors struggles  to cope with to maintain existence. They are as generous as nature.

Here nature nourishes her offspring with utmost love in her lap. When you are looking down from Chimbuk, it will get you the feelings of floating over the clouds. When it is a shiny day, you can see the shades of clouds over the hills. The huge horizon of zigzag hills seem waves of a see.  

Food and accommodation :- There is an well managed canteen in this place. Yon can avail snacks here. There are two govt owned rest houses to stay here. If you want to stay there, you have to confirm the reservation with the authority at first.

Communication :- Chimbuk is 26 kilometer away from Bandarban sadar. Tourists can go there by Thanci bound bus or jeep. But better option is to hire a private vehicle. On the way to Chimbuk you have to register your name and address with the military check post.