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Rijuk Fall

Rijuk_FallWhen you are heading to Thanchi to Ruma by a boat you can have the glance of an exotic fall that is Rijuk Fall. Throughout the year this fall remains singing on the bank of Sango River. One can hardly control his impulses to get a shower under this fall. It has increased the surrounding beauty manifolds. It is much convenient to take an engine boat up to Rijuk. Remoteness doesn't always bear total seclusion as when you see untouched nature there, it  will  make you the  most  natural   and  very close 

to  your  heart strings. This  can happen with you at the sight of Rijuk Fall. Round the year you can go there but during the rainy season you can have the most rejuvenated glance of this fall. That's the refreshing season for the nature full of cool greenery making you feel harmony with nature. 

Food & Accommodation :- Yet there is no food and accommodation facility. The authority has a future plan to make infrastructures for restaurant and rest house. It will start near future. So if you want to stay long there you have to take your food and drinking water from Ruma Bazar.

Communication :- You have to make a trip at first from Bandarban to Ruma by "Chander Gari" (public jeep) or a private vehicle. From Ruma you can hire a boat upto Rijuk.