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Shangu River

bandarban_BamboShanguRiveris the integral part of the natural beauty of Bandarban. This river is flowing through the hills thousands of years. It is also an important route to communicate with Ruma  and Thanci upzilla. It has huge financial interests for the inhabitants of Bandarban. This river is widely used for transportation of agricultural and other necessary products for the people of remote community. Every year a huge quantity of logs and bamboo is carried through it.  In the winter season it almost becomes

stagnant but in the rainy season you will be amazed to see the violent current of it. One must be fascinated with the beautifications scattered on the both sides of it. River cruise in Shangu is ecstatic and an exotic one. Nowhere in Bangladesh can you discover such a fusion of hills, forests, falls with a river. All the way you will be thrilled only. It is beyond one's imagination that nature is so candid and open here. Here birds are preaching your soul in the tranquil nature of the sermons to be blended with the innermost man in green. Shangu is like a chaplet of hills. You can feel truly during the boat cruise that nature is the greatest artist. On the way to Thanci you will see big rocks are showering in its flow. This is simply amazing.

Food and accommodation:- You can have a splendid river cruise in Shangu and there are so many unnamed spots to arrange a ' Dutch treat' or picnic. You can also take lunch packet with you. For short trip you can take snacks with you.

Communication :- You can hire traditional boats or engine boats from the old Shangu bridge or from Boatghat at Kyachingghata. You can approach downstream or upstream as well.