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Golden Temple

Golden_TempleIt is situated at the outskirts of Bandarban city near Pulpara, Balaghata. It is just 4 kilometer away from Bandarban city.  Its pagoda built on the top of the hills. It is regarded as one of the holy site for Buddhist pilgrims. Followers of Buddhism from different countries gather here to prey and visit. It's another name "Mohashukh Prarthona Purak Buddha Dhatu Chate". It has one of the greatest Buddha sculpture made during the contemporary period of Gautam Buddha. This  monastery  has been  built at  a cost 

of 100 million taka. It is one of the magnificent monasteries in the south East Asia. There is small pond in the monastery named "The Pond of ngels" on the top of a hill. From this you can have a total glance of Blaghata and its surrounding natural beauties. Every year a huge festival is arranged here. It is always open for the devotees and remains open from 5 PM to 7PM  for the visitors. Each visitor is charge 10 taka for entrance.

Food and Accommodation :- As it is close to Bandarban city, you can take only snacks and drinking water.

Communication :- You can hire a rickshaw or auto rickshaw from Bandarban city.