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NilgiriNilgiri is the highest tourist spot of Bangladesh. It is about 3500ft high and situated in Thanci upzilla. It is just 45km away from Bandarban sadar. Beside this spot you can see Mro villages. Their colorful culture and living style are surely an unexplored experience to you. In rainy season here creates a spectacular scenery, the whole spot is covered with the blanket of clouds. You can enjoy a cloudy experience. That is really awesome. Winter is waiting  for you with  it's  foggy gesture on the height.

It is a nice place for campfire in this season. This foggy experience will remain crystal clear in your memory for decades. Sunrise and sunset are like an immense archive of glaring beauties in the summer. The sun is rising behind from the bottom of the hills illuminating the green hills and it is setting leaving behind a crepuscular dream for you. Its twilight with the breeze will ignite your Romanticism. You can also enjoy the serpentine course of Sangu River.  This is the most spectacular tourist spot in Bandarban and managed by Army brigade of Bandarban.

Food and accommodation :- There is an well managed restaurant in this place. Yon can avail delicious cuisines and snacks here. There are some cozy deluxe suits and cottage to stay. If you want to stay there, you have to confirm the reservation with the authority at first.

Communication :- Nilgiri is 45km away from Bandarban sadar. Tourists can go there by Thanci bound bus or jeep. But better option is to hire a private vehicle. On the way to Nilgiri you have to register your name and address with the military check post.