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Welcome to our tourbandarban

Over the years Bandarban has been the most beautiful tourist destination of Bangladesh. Nature has adorned this region with its magnificent and splendid green ornaments. Beauty is scattered everywhere of Bandarban in magnanimous mood. One will find the virgin beauty of Bandarban on every step he or she advances. Nature is extravagant here. Behind the name of Bandarban there is an overwhelming story. Long time ago this district was a great natural habitat for monkeys and it was crisscrossed by numerous canals (jhiri). Monkeys used to collect fruits from forests on the other side of the canal and cross it. After eating and collection of fruits, they returned in the same way as a group. When they crossed canals it looked like a dam from a distance. It caught the sight of local Marma community and they termed it as Magci. Here Mag means monkeys and Ci means dam. Gradually it has been transformed in the local dialect Bandarbon. With the passage of time it has undergone a phonetic change and now it is Bandarban. facebook id : tourbandarban :: teamdiscover


Info Bandarban

Bandarban hill district is a hub for Natural beauties. The whole landscape is covered with the zigzag courses of hills. There are 11 ethnic diversities herein Bandarban creating a versatile color of life. Shangu and Matamuhuri, these two rivers with their violent current are flowing through Bandarban in a serpentine course. The area of this district is 4479.04 Sqr km. and the total population is 3,00,740. This district has a historic past and a long nourshied heritage.  In past there


About us

About_TourTeam Discover, A team of undaunted souls propeling forward to promote tourism in Bandarban. There is huge potentialities for Bandarban to emerge as one of the greatest tourist destination in both national and international sphere. Tourism can be another great source of foreign currency, if we can explore our potentialities. In this regard private and public participation is inevitable. Moreover we need an environmentally friendly approach to nourish and conserve our natural resources so


Meghla Parjatan

Meghla_BridgeMeghla Porjatan Complex is the most visited spot by the tourists coming from all over the country tourist have the easiest access to it comparing other sites of Bandarban. It is in the contiguous area of the Bandarban hill district council on the gateway of Bandarban. At the bottom of the hills artificial lake has been made. It is just 4 Kilometer away from Bandarban town. Here is a great arrangement for the tourists for their amusement like Children Park,


Nilachal & Shuvronila

NilachalThis is the nearest tourist spot from Bandarban. It is situated at tiger Para. The spot is under joint management of district council & office of the district commission. It is near about 2000 fit above of sea level and 5 K.M away from the Bandarban town. From this you can have a total glimpse of Bandarban town and a vast landscape. In the rainy season you can be thrilled walking through the clouds. You can watch a golden twilight in the evening and also


Shoylo Prapat

Shoila_PropatIt is 8km away from Bandarban town on the Bandarban Ruma road. This is one of the most famous and visited natural fall of Bangladesh. You can hear the purl of this fall throughout the year. The flow of this fall becomes vigorous during the rainy season. The water of this fall is so transparent and cool. It is a good source for drinking water and household use for the local bawm community. For availability of water here has grown 2/3 bawm village. It has become the main center for their economic activities.



ChimbukChimbuk is the third highest mountain of Bangladesh. This is one of the most recognized familiar tourist spot just 26km away from Bandarban sadar. It's about 2500ft high above sea level. You will definitely be charmed having glimpses of the zigzag way heading to chimbuk, nilgiri respectively. While your jeep is moving through the various indigenous villages, their simplicity in human gestures will compel you to think about our predecessors struggles  to cope with to maintain existence. They are as generous as nature.



NilgiriNilgiri is the highest tourist spot of Bangladesh. It is about 3500ft high and situated in Thanci upzilla. It is just 45km away from Bandarban sadar. Beside this spot you can see Mro villages. Their colorful culture and living style are surely an unexplored experience to you. In rainy season here creates a spectacular scenery, the whole spot is covered with the blanket of clouds. You can enjoy a cloudy experience. That is really awesome. Winter is waiting  for you with  it's  foggy gesture on the height.


Boga Lake

BogalakeThis is the highest natural lake of Bangladesh. It is 3000fts above sea level & 18km away from Ruma Sadar Upazilla. This lake has covered and area of 15acre. The colour of the water is blue. There are many mythological stories behind the creation of this lake. Thousands of tourists make their way to Bagalake every year, specially in the winter season. Small tribe community like Bawm, Khumi have localities beside the Baga lake. The communication to Baga lake becomes very difficult in the Rainy season.  The  road from Ruma to


Rijuk Fall

Rijuk_FallWhen you are heading to Thanchi to Ruma by a boat you can have the glance of an exotic fall that is Rijuk Fall. Throughout the year this fall remains singing on the bank of Sango River. One can hardly control his impulses to get a shower under this fall. It has increased the surrounding beauty manifolds. It is much convenient to take an engine boat up to Rijuk. Remoteness doesn't always bear total seclusion as when you see untouched nature there, it  will  make you the  most  natural   and  very close 


Golden Temple

Golden_TempleIt is situated at the outskirts of Bandarban city near Pulpara, Balaghata. It is just 4 kilometer away from Bandarban city.  Its pagoda built on the top of the hills. It is regarded as one of the holy site for Buddhist pilgrims. Followers of Buddhism from different countries gather here to prey and visit. It's another name "Mohashukh Prarthona Purak Buddha Dhatu Chate". It has one of the greatest Buddha sculpture made during the contemporary period of Gautam Buddha. This  monastery  has been  built at  a cost 



KeokradongKeokradong is the second highest mountain of Bangladesh. It is about 4332 ft high from the sea level. It is 30km away from the Ruma sadar Upazilla. During the winter season many adventurous tourists endeavor to visit this spectacular mountain. This remote hilly region is full of natural beauty. You can be overwhelmed at the first sight of this mountain. It is very close to the Myanmar border and you can see an endless courses of mountains and hills. This area is covered with dense forests full of beast and animals.



TahjingdongTahjingdong is the highest mountain of  Bangladesh. According to local tribal language Tahjing means Great & Dong means Hill, combine expression is Great hill or Tahjingdong. The peak of this mountain is 4,300 ft above sea level. It is situated in Remakri Pangsha union under Ruma upazilla of Bandarban. It is 25 km away from the sadar upazilla. Thousands of tourist gather every year in Ruma upazilla to pay a visit of Tahjingdong.  Besides  this  mountain  there  are  various  tribal community whose versatile


Shangu River

bandarban_BamboShanguRiveris the integral part of the natural beauty of Bandarban. This river is flowing through the hills thousands of years. It is also an important route to communicate with Ruma  and Thanci upzilla. It has huge financial interests for the inhabitants of Bandarban. This river is widely used for transportation of agricultural and other necessary products for the people of remote community. Every year a huge quantity of logs and bamboo is carried through it.  In the winter season it almost becomes


Prantik Lake

Prantik_LakeWith abundant natural beauties Prantik Lake lies in Holodia near the Keranihat-Bandarban road. It is 14km away from Bandarban town.  It requires 30mnt's drive. It covers an area of 2500acre. The management authority of this lake is LGED. This lake is surrounded by a good many varieties of trees. It has been regarded a natural habitat for different bird species. This lake is an ideal place for fishing. You can have fishing opportunity in this lake with the permission of the authority. 


Upabon Parjatan

Upabon_LakeIts a miraculous gift of nature in Nikhongchari. Here is a lake surrounded by forest. It is just 2 Kilometer away from Upzila sadar. There is a hanging bridge over the lake and it is longer than that of the Meghla. A lot of birds are twittering here and you will feel natural breeze also. It's an ideal place for passing time in solitude.  

Food and Accommodation :- As it is close to Nakhongchari


Mirinja Parjatan

MirinjaThis is a fantastic tourist spot in Lama. It is situated at 16 Kilometer of Lama to Ali Kadam road. It is about 1500 fit high from sea level and an attracting spot for the tourists. You can watch Matamuhuri River and Lama Upazila from this spot. It is clean weather you can also watch the Bay of Bangle and Moheskhali Island. There is an Observation tower in this spot. There is a children park in Mirinja. You can walk up to Mirinja or can reach there by private vehicle.